The year 2015 is over and I taught is not bad to write about the 5 top challenges that will affect the UX Design and our work as designers in coming year or at least they worth to think about them and be ready for them.

1- Paradox of data privacy and security threats

everyone knows that the digital revolution and internet challenge the world in many ways that one of them is the security. despite the fact that governments and enterprises collecting the information of the people more and more in a higher level of details (Big Data and IOT) and the users are aware of that these days, it is the time to recognize the paradox of data privacy with security threats and find some creative solutions for that.
In my opinion, soon or late we will have more control from government side on our online activities and it can be a reason for citizens and users to lose their trust to online services. Designers should start to think about this and provide creative solutions with bringing more transparency for the users and more responsibility like the real world. Users must learn about their responsibility in the online world.

2- New era of Product Design

For sure, the Internet Of Thing will bring the new products in coming years to the market with ability of communication with users and other machines. This is a big change in Design industry and a call for classic Product Design to combine more with UX Design.

3- UX design and AI

AI is a game changer in UX fields and as designers we should be careful about exploiting this technology. We are walking on a blade which on one side, is smarter services and the other side is a spooky and scary technology for users that knows too much about them.

4- UI for special devices and living room

The UI design will more challenging with different size and standards of the screens. Therefore, this is the time to improve the design tools and be ready for some odds in screen sizes. Also, the TV and living room area will more into the market focus.

5- Digitalisation of financial services

This is just the right time to reward users with real money and have a better and more fair financial services. The data and technology is there and the industry has already started to talk about the changes and act on them. We will have very soon smarter business models for the insurances, banks and financial markets. So, if you are a designer it is the time to learn more about the industry because these changes soon or late affect any online services which involves in money.

By the way, merry christmas and happy new year :)