I am going through some changes in my career. The changes are absolutely interesting and big, I am going to leave “chilli mind” a Design agency which is a creative place with easy and casual atmosphere with 15 employees. The company is two time bigger than 4 years ago, that I joined the team and the company atmosphere is pretty different than that time.

I am leaving chillies to join global giant of IT Consulting “Accenture” with almost 300 thousand employees. I learned a lot in”chilli mind” and collected a lot of experiences in different job levels, as well as career and teamwork skills but in some moments in any job, I think we can feel that it is the time to leave the comfort zone and looking for new challenges and opportunities. I believe, I recognized my leaving moment right and joined Accenture. I am ready for new things to learn and new challenges to face. This is a new start and going to be really exciting.