It’s a presentation day, and obviously you have, 2 UI concept alternatives both of them are good enough but as usual you like one of the options better. Deep inside you want that specific option to be chosen. How can you make that happen? Here I am showing you a trick to help your favorite alternative, wins audience’s heart.  This works in my experiment which I did some days ago and in my case increase the preference of my favorite design 3 times.


Here are some challenges you are facing with and this trick can help you.

  • You want your favorite idea to sell it self
  • You don’t want to sound pushy
  • You are not invited to the presentation meeting,
  • You just want your favorite design to win

The Trick

The only thing you need is to add an ugly version of your favorite design in your designs presentation. Show the ugly version of your favorite design right after your favorite design. If you are interested to know why this trick works. It’s very simple adding the decoy choice (the ugly version) make it easier for the brain to compare the options and find the dominant option more appealing and reasonable. So by presenting the ugly version of the design.

Be careful:

  • This trick is not working if too many options are available. the number of choices must be three
  • This trick increase the preference of dominated design but it does not mean insuring the selection of the design.

Read more about it here and try it in the right situation and conditions and see how it works like a charm.